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NASA Sends Three Android Smartphone's into Space
26 April 2013

NASA has launched the three Smartphone's into space that are destined to become low-cost satellites. These Smartphone's launched aboard the maiden flight of Orbital Science Corp.'s Antares rocket from NASA's Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia on Sunday. More…

World's smallest mobile charger fits on a keyring
13 April 2013

The newly Fuel Micro Charger launched delivers an extra half an hour of talk time and measure less than an inch wide. The project, unveiled on Kickstarter, is declared to be "the smallest emergency phone charger". More…

China Mobile to boost capex by 49% to $31b
23 March 2013

China Mobile will increase its spending by as much as 49.3% this year to 190.2 billion yuan ($30.6 billion), from 127.4 billion yuan in 2012. More…

LTE Offers M2M Applications Longevity
21 March 2013

"Although Long Term Evolution (LTE) seems excessive to machine-to-machine (M2M) users, it offers many benefits, including reduced operation costs and "future proofing" as per the latest report from Heavy Reading 4G/ LTE Insider. More…

A cellphone That Can Be Implanted into the Brain
16 March 2013

A team of neuroengineers from USA's Brown University have created a fully implantable and rechargeable wireless brain sensor able of relaying real-time broadband signals up to 100 neurons in freely moving subjects. More…

Europe Contributes EUR50 Million to 5G Development
28 February 2013

According to a new study," Australians enjoy significantly faster average download speeds than consumers in the US."More…

Australian 4G LTE networks outperforming the US, fifth fastest in the world:Report
27 February 2013

According to a new study," Australians enjoy significantly faster average download speeds than consumers in the US."More…

Telecom welcomes customers onto 4G LTE trial
13 February 2013

This week, Telecom New Zealand greeted a small group of customers in Auckland and Wellington onto its 4G LTE trials. More…

LTE Connections to Hit 1.6 Billion in 2017
16 January 2013

In 2013, LTE will try to cover more market as more countries will join South Korea, USA and Japan in introducing the technology aggressively into the Smartphone market. More…

Over 100 Million LTE Mobile Devices Shipped in 2012
5 January 2013

In 2012, Apple's iPhone5 and Samsung's Galaxy Smartphone's have provided LTE-enabled handset shipments a substantial boost even if it has not necessarily assisted the 4G mobile operators with "each and every" LTE handset sold. More…

Facebook in talks to buy Whatsapp: Report
27 December 2012

There is a rumor that Facebook is going to acquire Whatsapp, the instant messaging application that has been one of the runaway success stories for ad-free, paid services. More…

New LTE QoE Drive and Walk Test Solution
22 December 2012

Smart Communications, Inc. is set to launch two most expected Smartphone's- Sony Xperia V and the ZTE T82. Both the handset are based on the LTE technology. More…

With unlimited data: Smart offers first LTE handset
14 December 2012

Smart Communications, Inc. is set to launch two most expected Smartphone's- Sony Xperia V and the ZTE T82. Both the handset are based on the LTE technology. More…

LTE RAN Market Almost Tripled in 3Q12, Not Enough to Offset Slower 2G/3G Spending
21 November 2012

According to the Dell'Oro Group , "Rapidly growing LTE revenues were not enough to offset falling 2G/3G revenues as the total mobile RAN market declined 11 percent in 3Q12" . More…

Smartphones, tablets to pose challenge for businesses

11 November 2012

The increasing popularity and ubiquity of Smartphone’s will not only compel the businesses to change the device strategies but also pose several challenges to the IT department and the CIO to make sure that security and manageability remain at the top position. More…

Microsoft announces Data Sense to prevent mobile data overages
9 November 2012

At the Windows Phone 8 press event, Microsoft unveiled more information about their forthcoming Data Sense application. This application has been developed to help mobile phone users avoid data overage charges by allowing for the management of data services on phones running Windows Phone 8. More…

Seventy Percent of Mobile Phones Will Support Wi-Fi (802.11ac) in 2015
22 October 2012

According to the business intelligence experts GBI Research , "By 2016 desirable consumer demand for tablet computers will see unit shipments increase almost fourfold , considerably outpacing the growth of the laptop sector.". More…

Tablets Closing the Gap on Laptop Market
22 October 2012

According to the business intelligence experts GBI Research , "By 2016 desirable consumer demand for tablet computers will see unit shipments increase almost fourfold , considerably outpacing the growth of the laptop sector.". More…

Smart Connected Device Shipments to Grow by 14% Annually Through 2016, Led by Tablets and Smartphones
10 October 2012

According to the new research from International Data Corporation,"The worldwide market for smart connected devices a combination of PCs, smartphones, and tablets reached 267.3 million More…

Wireless Connectivity Chipsets Revenues to Exceed $10 Billion in 2012
22 September 2012

According to the latest reports, in 2012 total market for standards-based wireless connectivity chipsets is anticipated to exceed $10 billion , this includes both standalone and combo chipsets that use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, UWB, and ZigBee. More…

Apple Announces LTE Enabled iPhone 5 Smartphone
15 September 2012

Apple has declared the long-anticipated upgrade for its iPhone range, with the LTE enabled iPhone 5. More…

Mobile Payments to Reach $1.3 Trillion Annually by 2017
23 August 2012

As per Juniper Research, the scale of global mobile payment transactions is expected to rise in the next five years to more than US$1.3 Trillion. More…

NFC Mobile Payments Set to Exceed $180bn Worldwide by 2017 As NFC Becomes Standard
31 July 2012

According to Juniper Research, NFC based retail payments market will exceed $180 billion globally by 2017, more than a seven-fold increase over 2012. More…

Spending on Carrier Ethernet Will Hit $5 Billion in 2012, But Growth Is Slowing
24 July 2012

According to a latest market research study from Insight Research, over the next five years US enterprises and consumers are expected to spend more than $47 billion on Ethernet services provided by carriers. More…

ZTE Launches Industry's First LTE BeamHop AAS Solution
29 June 2012

ZTE has unveiled industry's first LTE BeamHop Solution and exhibited the LTE A8808 Active Antenna System (AAS) product based on this technology. More…

Small Cells and Wi-Fi Solutions to Procure Nearly 60% of Mobile Traffic
13 June 2012

Juniper Research latest report reveals that the level of data delivered to mobile devices is expected to continue to expand dramatically over the next five years. In this period of time service providers will offload nearly 60% of
traffic. More…

Apple iPhone Users Account for 80% of the Heaviest Smartphone Data Users
2 June 2012

According to latest report examining consumer Smartphone trends stated that on average, iPhone customers use more data than any other Smartphone users. More…

Wi-Fi Continues to Dominate Home Networking Equipment and Media Device Market
29 May 2012

Home networking will continue to gain importance in consumers' expanding digital lifestyle as the number of connected media devices continue to grow. More…

EU Research Breakthrough Will Cut LTE Mobile Network Energy Use to Half
18 May 2012

Researchers from organizations such as DOCOMO, Telecom Italia, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and from universities in Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and UK have optimized the energy use of LTE base stations, which accounts for the highest energy consumption in the mobile network. More…

Kineto, Taqua Enable Mobile Operators to Include Wi-Fi in VoLTE Deployment Plans
9 May 2012

Kineto Wireles and Taqua have announced to work jointly for designing and development of a solution which will facilitate telecom operators to incorporate Wi-Fi as a part of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployment strategy. More…

Huawei and Intel Collaborate on LTE TDD
2 May 2012

World's leading equipment manufacturer Huawei and largest chip maker Intel will be working together to advance the development of interoperability testing and deployment of LTE TDD solutions. The joint venture company will set Interoperability testing services lab in China. More…

4G devices are expected to generate 87 million in unit sales in 2012
25 April 2012

Announcement for the launch of 4G services has already set the ball rolling in India. It is being estimated that 4G subscription will be high this year as 4G-enabled devices are getting manufactured and are being sent to the retail stores. More…

LTE Smartphones Will Help Drive Device Intellectual Property Royalties Up 14% in 2012
18 April 2012

The mobile technology has taken a leap towards the next generation, i.e. 4G and with this Smartphones and other device manufacturers are in race to launch devices compatible with this new technology. More…

GSA Confirms Over 300 Operators Are Investing in LTE
06 April 2012

The GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) has published a report which tells about that there are more than 300 operators who are ready to invest in LTE evolution. More…

Kochar's Fifth Knock at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
06 March 2012

KocharTech, part of Kochar group participated in Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona, from February 27 to March 1, 2012 and exhibited its technical prowess. The company is pursuing its strategy of integrating latest innovations in technology, services, and developments with mobile world. More…

Mobile World Congress 2012: Best of Show
03 March 2012

Mobile World Congress 2012 , most intense mobile tech show of the year revealed new kit of innovation . Highlighting what was best, most innovative, or interesting is in the entire show is tough nut still we entered this tough arena; arm-wrestled to choose the finalists amongst the products. Have a look at stars of the show: More…

Kochar triumphs with Innovation Award…
23rd July 2011

Kochar has been awarded the prestigious Graham Bell Award by Sh. Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communication & Technology, in the category of “The most Innovative Mobile Enterprise Product and Solution”, for its Device Management Solutions Know Max and Device max. More…

Vodafone Amritsar firm in pact
Feburary 2011, the Tribune

Vodafone has joined hands with Amritsar based mobile data service provider Kochar. Kochar will offer BPO and Value added services to the telecom operator. More…

Kochar Leading support provider for 3G services
December 2010, Dainik Bhasker

The region is home to India’s largest Mobile data services support organization, Kochar InfoTech, offering services to some of the largest operators in India and abroad. Kochar with 7 years experience in the telecom industry is offering specialized support for Mobile Data services and 3G. More…

Kochar ranked amongst India’s Top 25 most promising mobile application companies
January 2010, Smart Techie

Kochar has built its products and solutions in the complex Indian market, where there are 10 operators in 23 telecom circles, which is not found anywhere in the world. The constant changing product profile and growth has made kochar deploy its products in SAAS model and it has been a successful strategy, in the world’s most price sensitive and fastest growing mobile markets.More…

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