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Learning Management System (LMS)

LearnMax Learning Management System ( LMS ) is an efficient software package that addresses the training needs of an Enterprise; taking the process view of an organization to meet the organizational goals by tightly integrating all training functions spread over the whole organization. Employees are updated on the latest technology through different delivery models like eLearning/mLearning.

Benefits of LMS:

Interactive Content with Audio and Video Capabilities
: Along with the text and picture description, this application has ability to support audio, video, and various other file types. Few of the file types include .swf, .doc, .avi, .wmv, .mpg etc. This is proved to be effective for both Visual and Audio learning considering all type of learners.

Availability on variety of devices
: This application is customized for PCs/Laptops, Internet Tablets, and Mobile Phones. The all three versions of this application bring about unsurpassable convenience of surfing while on the go. The users can now shuffle off from one topic to another either with the help of a mouse/keyboard or simply using a thumb

Resume Capable Content:
  With the help of LearnMax LMS users can restore their previous session which saves their lot of time. They just need to type the LMS URL address again to re-start the application from the beginning, watch the in-between-interrupted video or attempt their quiz.

Web Conference:
  Web conference is one great feature of LMS, which can be brought into use for very effective distance teaching as well as discussion on a particular subject. It is a multipurpose application with tons of features which are bifurcated into three categories, each one made for a certain set of people that includes viewer, presenter and moderator.

Multilingual support:
  Multilingual support feature has been incorporated in LMS which delivers learning content rapidly in multiple languages. Here the associate has the chance to select the language of its own choice and feel easy while surfing web pages.

  Different types of reports which includes user related, course related, quiz reports, feedback report etccan also be pulled out using LMS. The reports fetched will give clear picture of the core strengths of learners and their areas of improvement as well.

The courses uploaded in the LMS are password protected. Users have to enter a key received from administrator/moderator. This feature prevents unauthorized access of spiteful fellows and also shoves off the risk of data hacking, much prevalent on the web.

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