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Applications Training

The increasing accessibility and popularity of the Mobile Internet has given rise to the demand for mobile applications. Data Service Products are the major source of revenue for telecom operators. Application Stores have actually created a new vertical and an unexplored market.

Mobile Application Training program is designed to upgrade knowledge of front end, back end customer support team and the senior management team who intend to grasp the understanding of various applications for various platforms. The training program facilitates a new wave of services enabling application developers extend their business models.

Training program on mobile applications help customers unlock and explore the full potential of communication channels through internet aiming to increase the return on investment (ROI).

In our curriculum following points will be added:

  • Knowledge about the market potential of mobile applications
  • Understand the fundamentals of mobile application usage
  • Hands on exercises, real life scenarios and insights
  • Compare and contrast popular mobile application platforms
  • Utilize different mobile applications to improve business processes

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