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Who We are ?

LearnMax is one of the largest offering in Learning and Knowledge management solutions for the ever changing world of Data Services where there is a constant need to understand Technology terms like 3G, 2G, GPRS/Edge, HSPA, WiMax, LTE, etc. These challenges of learning are even compounded by a range of new devices and applications that keep changing in the wireless ecosystem which makes it even more difficult for the frontend teams to understand and help the customers.

Our undivided focus on the Data services learning solutions makes us one of the few organizations in globe which have served 5 Telco’s out of the world’s top 20 Telecom carriers in the Mobile Data Service space. LearnMax offers a wide variety of delivery methods including ILT, e-Learning, m-Learning and has strong expertise in customized content development in the Telecom Data space.

We offer the most comprehensive training framework, designed to enhance the uptake of information and apply it in the most relevant and revenue enhancing manner. The LearnMax solution is designed to address the training challenges across the board by creating the world class data service professionals who are geared to deliver an outstanding and truly differentiated customer experience.

Our content and training programs help frontend teams to assist customers for using different kinds of products and services like Android, iPhone, Tablets, iPad, BlackBerry etc. It helps in improving the user experience and enhancing the revenue.


  • Successfully trained around 3500 partners employees on Data Services.
  • Trained more than 15000 technical support executives on Mobile Data Services.
  • Real time update of training and e-learning content.
  • Over 87 hours of training workforce.

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